Airfreight shipping is the quickest type for send or bring a parcel to/from any destination in the world.

   Our airfreight division puts at its worldwide customers a wide range of customized services in regards with customers needs. Our team is formed by specialists, highly experienced and trained according to IATA rules and regulations.

Our services are tailored and classified as following :

  Door-to-door Economy :

  We are striving toward the best deal possible, constantly checking the best air option suitable for our customers. Along with our worldwide partners, we ensure our customers of finding the most advantageous solution for their request regardless the type of commodity or destination.

  Door-to-door Express :

  This service matches to shipments require to be moved under highest emergency. We have close relationships with all air carriers serving Bucharest International Henri Coanda Airport, for any kind of inquiry designated to any destination, we can offer proper solution under pressure of critical time, same time, maintaining the expedition under cost control.

  Door-to-door Special :

   This category contains consignments entitled special cargo, this type of goods are shipped only under special rules and regulation, we can list here projects cargo, oversize, sensitive, goods designated to be shown at exhibition sites … etc.